From Aiweiwei to Roasted Chicken

It is a real treat to me to go to Aiweiwei’s first exhibit in Paris when we have only been here for two and a half day. The show is hosted in Galerie nationale du Jeu de Paume. It was not a big exhibition, but a very general introduction of Aiweiwei to his new audience in France. I found it very astonishing even though I am considerably familiar with the artist. Well, to be honest, he’s my hero. May be I am a little bias here, but I still think that it is worth going for a visit before it goes away.

Galerie nationale du Jeu de Paume

“I hope there will be more violence and Chaos in the future of China.” – Aiweiwei

This could simply be one of the best day of my life. After an amazing exhibition of my favorite artist, I was treated a dinner by my favorite chef, my personal chef if you will. This is our first cook-in in our lovely paris apartment. It is whole chicken roasted with garden tomatoes, mix mushrooms, golden potatoes, leaks, and olive oil with light vinegar for the night.



Seasoning Chicken
Shop for FRESH Ingredients
Wash Tomatoes and Toss with Olive Oil
Wash Mushrooms and Toss with Salt Pepper Olive Oil (SPO)
Cut Potatoes and Sprinkle with Chopped Leeks, and SPO
All You Need Is Love and Bowls
Put In Oven
I am happy to open my blog with a simple, loving and perfect day. Bon appetite!
  1. give us an apartment tour! haha. btw did you get to see the Berenice Abbott exhibit as well? i would have loved to see that :3. Paris looks amazing. have fun guys!

    • We didn’t go to the Abbott exhibition. We were at the aiweiwei show for way too long. We will got back again to check it out sometime! Paris IS awesome! you should come visit us gal~

  2. amandakatarina said:

    This looks amazing! I absolutely love roast chicken!

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