March In Paris

Although I am still struggling with my jet lag, I found guilty for staying in bed too late in the morning while the Paris spring is blossoming. We took a walk around the neighborhood today and found this alley, not far away from Jardin du Luxembourg, many public market for fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers. The street is also lined with cafes, patisserie, bucherie, et cremerie. I really enjoy buying fresh food and ingredients in the little shops and stands instead of picking out frozen food in the supermarket. Just looking at the public market makes me happy.

We sat down in one of the cafes here call Les 5. We were only looking for a snack originally, but this restaurant serves course meal. So we ended up getting two appetizers for snack.  Surprisingly, It was exceptional!  We already promised ourselves to come back here for dinner.

This dish was a real pleasant surprise. The fois gras was perfectly cooking in a really interestingly delicious sauce which is sweet but tangy, accompany with Some kind of shredded root vegetables and mushrooms.

Later, we decided to grab some fresh fruit before we head home. We grab a box of shinny berries and some strawberries. The strawberries here is always good. So I did not think twice and put a box in Alex’s hand. When we pay, the cashier said something to us in french that we apparently did not understand. So I just said “oui” as agreement. He then gave me the recipe. We were shocked, but tried hard to hide the expression. This cute little box of strawberries were 11 Euros! I turn back to look at the price on the stand and it clearly says “29.99/kg.” It was certainly an expensive lesson for “fruit stand french” and we got some ONE OF A KIND strawberries for snack tonight!

Pistachio Macaroons

Coffee Chocolate Caramel

Awesome finds of the day

Le me enjoying my macaroon

Le Alex enjoying the Arsenal vs. Aston Villa Match

Waiting for dinner now. Alex is doing some left over refinement. Another simple happy day.


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