French Architecture et Pasta

It’s our first day of school in Paris. I have been excited for this day until the alarm clock rang at 7:30 in the morning.  However, we managed to get out of the house early and decided to to walk to school. It was about a little bit more than 30 min walk from chez moi to the campus. It was too nice out to hide in the metro really. We made it to school on time and had a trés amusant first day of french class. We definitely feel more like living in paris with a rhythm with the start of schools. After class with had a light lunch in one of the many “petite cafe rouge” in the neighborhood, and walked around, mostly along RIver Seine,  for the rest of the day in the beautiful weather. Every now an then I get goosebumps looking at the majestically sculpted architecture around me. Do people fall in love with Paris all over again every morning when they wake up? Because I would if this is my home.

And of COURSE my camera ran out of batteries when we were coming up to the Jardin des Tuileries. I am sure I will come back again, and again, and again. So I am not worried.

It’s my turn to make dinner tonight. And it’s school day tomorrow. Something easy I thought. So I picked up some vegetables and pasta from the market.

Red bell pepper, zucchini, fennel, onions, shallots, garlic, cherry tomatoes, some diced bacon, and pasta, which I picked spinach tagliatelle for a change.

Thin sliced my zucchini. And everything else, onion, shallot, fennel, and bell pepper, julienned.

Cooked onions and shallots until they started to magically turn translucent.

Then throw in fennel and bell pepper in your pan, cook till you know when they are soft and beautiful.

While waiting for the onions and bell pepper to caramelized, cook pasta, toss with olive oil.

When the caramelization coming close to amazing, pasta now in pan, gentle toss. Fire UP for sizzles!

Feel free to throw in some greens of your choice and some halved cherry tomatoes. I always LOVE extra greens on my plates!

Now your plate is basically done. But I wanted a side veggie for the pasta, and also don’t wanna waste the juice from the pan. So here comes the zucchini!

Sauté bacon bits in the same pan after plating pasta, throw in sliced zucchini. Toss till zucchini turn soft, but still crunchy (just how i like them). Cook fast before pasta chill.

Plate done. Bon appétit!

Home work time comes after dinner. And WOW, its almost mid-night.

Bon nuit mon ami!!

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