Street Market and Chicken Noodles Soup de Chinoise?

The magnificent spring weather has been luring us to walk to school everyday. We encountered a pleasant surprise on our way to school yesterday.  It must have just open because we haven’t seen it the other day when we walk to school.  It is a street market!! Vendors of all sorts of fromage, fruits, vegetables, seafood, and flowers. Or if you wanna get a quick lunch of falafels or chinese pork bun, this is also they place!

First, I present you The Lure of Spring!

Public Street Market Honfleur

Street Market Crèmerie

Guess Who’s Happy?

Fresh flowers much?

And EVEN an Asian goods vendors!! Found some good stuff here!

Few steps away from the market we found an antique store!! How could you resist the tasteful antiques taking advantage at the sunny side walk! If I have my own apartment right now I would have moved some things home already!

I started to feel tired physically being a student and a tourist a the same time everyday. The beautiful spring had lured me to walk around too much.  We decided to go home early with our happy purchases from the market and may be a relax day at home Coffee? tea? movie?  We made ourselves a little snack in the afternoon from goods we got from the market.

Mini Cherry tomato salade in a cup, chorizo, mimolette, et ossou-iraty

All You See is All You Need

Saute onions, garlic, mushroom and cherry tomatos. Then add water or chicken stock for soup.

Marinade chicken, in this case breast, with soy sauce, salt, garlic, and beer. Sear. I was mad at myself for accidentally picking up chicken breast as thighs. I personally like thighs more than breast especially if I were to make it this way. But breast would still be good if you like them.

Toss together. Better to pre-cook broccoli a little so chicken won’t be over cooked when trying to soften broccoli.

 Glass noodles cook separately. Always better going through cold water after boiling!

 Put noodles in your bowl, then add soup. Not to put noodles into the pot of soup to avoid noodles becoming soggy and puffy as they soaks up the soup!

  1. amandakatarina said:

    I prefer using chicken thighs too. So much more flavor!

    • I like the texture of the thighs more. I just can’t cook breast right!

      • amandakatarina said:

        I recently started putting foil over my chicken breasts. I lay it over, close but not touching, slightly “tent-like”. I set my oven a bit lower, at 300 degrees. It makes it soooo much more moist, especially if you add a bit of wine or some sort of liquid. It’s sort of like poaching but not quite… try it out.

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