My Man And The Creamy Chicken Thighs

This is the man who inspired me to cook! Because no matter what I made, screwed up or not, he would tell me it’s delicious!! He made me fall in love with cooking, and watching him cook. *smile*

Zucchini for sides?

Dangerous shot

I always wish I can do that.

It is chicken thigh with roast in a tomato and cream sauce for the night. He always impresses me by how fast he cooks without messing up the kitchen! I tend to mess up the kitchen even just boiling water for instant noodles! But it’s a simple delicious dish for thigh lovers like me! Here you go:

Saute leeks, shallots, and tomatoes until magic brown. (basically fridge finds)

Seasoned and seared chicken until golden skin. Smear two spoon of sour cream on chicken. Put in oven to roast.

Came out creamy and beautiful!

Tomato roasted Chicken thigh with saute zucchini with sausage for sides. Bon appetite!


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