Tim Burton Stew

After so many beautifully sunny days in Paris, it started to be cloudy and rainy recently. My cousin is here to visit and I feel bad that she missed all the sun and arrived with the moody weather. Thankful for the massive choice of museums in Paris, there are still plenty to do even it’s gloomy. We went to the  Musée du Cinéma for an exhibition of Tim Burton. It is a show I’ve been longing to go to, but last time I was here on a weekend, the line outside of the museum was crazy. I decided to come back on a weekday so I don’t have to be squished in the gallery.  It was a good exhibition with a mixture of drawing and sculpture of early to the most recent Burton work. I love imaginative people, seeing the processes of one thinks, drafts, and the actual making always fascinates me.

The building itself worth a visit. It’s a one little post-modern piece of Mr. Gehry.  The style of the building is a very explicit examples of Frank Gehry’s work. I believe the Cinémathèque française is the only Gehry building in Paris. So I am glad to be here.

La Cinémathèque française – Musée du Cinéma

Outside the museum

We came back and it’s time for dinner – Lamb and beef stew avec beet salad. The stew was actually made the night before because it takes a while to cook.

Ingredients, and lamb of course.

Lamb, chopped and seared, quick and high heat.

Throw in potatoes, carrots, onions. I left the bones in for flavor.

Put in tomatoes and cilantro when carrots and potatoes turn brownish.

Pour in some beef stock, simmer to get the good stuff at the bottom of the pan for the JUICE! STEAMY huh?

Now meat in the pot. I took out my cilantro at this post because I don’t like over cooked soggy cilantro.    I only want some flavored in the base.  Add more stock and herb, cook for (in our case) 4 hours.

DONE! Looks good?

Beet salad was done in 2 minute (because I didn’t take my time to make my own dressing).

We bought beets came in a packet so no cooking needed.

Cut and season with salt and pepper.

Add greens, olive oil, and balsamic vinaigrette. SERVE.

I love my life. *smile*


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