A Different Easter

It’s EASTER WEEKEND!!!! Usually it’s not a big deal but this week we have friends, Liya ( my middle school best friend, who I have not seen for 6 years) and Kevin (Liya’s boyfriend), from Angers coming over to visit! So we offered to have them stay with us for the weekend so we can REALLY catch up some.

But before they arrived we had some time to get some easter air outside of the house. So we decided to go to the Sacré-Cœur Basilica. We soon realized It was a bad idea once we saw how PACKED it was with tourists and non-tourists who are here to celebrate the big day.

It really wasn’t our favorite thing to do being squished around. So we tried getting past the crowd and get to the back alleys, where artists are lined up to sell arts, and cafes and restaurants are quiet.

We were lucky enough to find that the L’Escape Dali gallery is actually hidden in one of these alley’s behind the basilica. We lined up and got the tickets without thinking twice. It was one of the gallery on my agenda and I was pleased to find it by accident.  It wasn’t huge but the gallery had a interesting collection of Dali’s work. After seeing the exhibition, I’ve been thinking that Dali is actually “crazier” than I originally thought he was (which means better).

After the gallery, we rest and chill on the grass in front of the Sacre Coeur for awhile, until it was time to go get dinner ready and meet up with my LONG LOST FRIEND.

We did not have too much time to prepare for dinner for 5 people since we went out for most of the day.  So we decided to make pasta. Here is the sauce:

Tomato, shallots, leeks, bay leaves, olive oil.

Simmer with low heat until ingredients are “melting.” Toss in pasta!

The next day with Liya and Kevin, we went to the Helmut Newton Show @Grand Palais. The line up was actually CRAZY, which took us more than an hour to get it.

Our Line-up Fun

Trying poses for a Helmut Newton style shot

There, le Vogue model shot

Finally got in, but no picture was allow inside the gallery. I believe that everyone thinks the one hour line up was worth for the good show. No camera allow was also a good thing because you have to go see for yourself with your own eyes. Some of the images are very powerful and I urge you all who are in Paris to pay a visit to the Grand Palais.

There was another show in the palais call Soup/No soup, where “Rirkrit Tiravanija has been invited to transform the main nave of Grand Palais into a formidably festive, large-scale, twelve-hour banquet composed of a single meal of Tom Ka soup. From noon until midnight, the Grand Palais will be open to the public, to share and sample a soup prepared and offered by the artist and his team. Generous yet modest, collective yet singular, Soup/No Soup convenes a summoning of all, where each and everyone will be able to enjoy an immaterial artistic experience based on encounter, and generosity.”

Source: http://www.latriennale.org/en/grand-palais

The show is interesting, but the architecture/interior architecture here is mind blowing. Though seen on my textbook numerous times, being in the palais gives me goose bump from top to toe. The Grand Palais was built for the Universal Exposition in 1900.  The iron and light steel frame is its signature. I cannot really describe you how in awe I was being inside the structure, so I hope these pictures will give you some concept.

Liya et Kevin

It was a wonderful weekend with a lot of art, food, architecture and GREAT people, and I miss my two adorable friends already.

  1. amandakatarina said:

    I have to say, I follow a lot of blogs but yours’ quickly becoming my favorite. Art, architecture, and food…pretty much my favorite things in life. The interior shots of the Grand Palais are amazing!

    • they are my favorites too!! hahah thank you for following!

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