Heavenly Exhibitions

Our day started with a simple breakfast. Pancakes and eggs. Mini pancakes and waffles were bought from supermarket, but the syrup was especially made by our bear chef.

Pancake with syrup made with porte, orange juice, butter and sugar.

Baked egg. At the bottom of the eggs were some left over salad ingredients: tomatoes, corn, and mix greens. Crack eggs and avocado on top. Put in oven for few minutes.

Destination for the day is  Musée de l’Orangerie, housing one of the most famous Claud Monet’s late master garden series – Les Nymphéas. First time seeing the impressionist master’s wall to wall murals were without a doubt magnificent , but the exhibition hall of the paintings was equally intriguing. The structure within the museum was added in 2006 with reinforced concrete for a clean and contemporary look. The ceiling was open to glass window, allowing natural light to fulfill the interior. More than half of the exhibitions were lit ONLY by natural light.  For the Nymphéas space, the ceiling was designed as oval shape with a translucent fabric to filter the excessive sun light penetrating through the space, creating a peaceful, almost heavenly atmosphere within the gallery.

Source: http://madaboutparis.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Lorangerie_8.jpg

Unfortunately cameras are not allow in the Nymphéas space, I’ve attached an image here for your reference and hopefully this will seduce you to go see the awesome space yourself!

This is another part of the museum in the basement which was also lit by natural light. I adore the atmosphere so much where natural light was put in full use in the space.

Some pretty fascinating work of Chaïm Soutine was also one of my fave’s of this visit to the museum.

A beautiful series of wooden models of the Musée  l’Orangerie in different phases.

After visiting the museum, we spent the rest of the afternoon in Marais and brought home some pretty sweet vintage finds.

Sweet face with warm portuguese tart

Food wise…. how about a light lunch at home?

A charcuterie and cheese plater.  I am in love with this blue cheese on the left corner. A random find from the street market. So stinky and yumolicious!

And a hot endive salad with garlic, soy sauce, and pepper


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