Barcelona I

The reason for my absence being our 10 day trip in Barcelona. Barcelona is a magnificent city with mind blowing architecture, great food and amazing people. Although Rome is still my favorite place to travel to, Barcelona definitely has its unusual charm. The first 8 days has been another eye opening experience for me, and the last 2 days I got so sick and laid in bed most of the time. But it was still worth it, definitely. There are too many good things to show, one post will not be enough, so I will post a few chapters for Barcelona. Let’s start the journey!

We arrived very early in the morning flying in from Paris. After checking in we still have a whole day to spend. Although we were tired from waking up at 4:00 in the morning to catch the plane, we were too excited to rest. We live close to the Plaça d’Espanya, one of the popular sites in Barcelona. So why not start from here.  

Arena de Barcelona used to be an arena for sport events, but now renovated as a shopping mall. The most part of the exterior was kept from the existing structure, whereas the interior were entirely striped down and renovated.

Arena de Barcelona Entrance

Plaça d’Espanya. View from above the arena.

Muceo Nacional  d’Art de Catalyna

Walking up the top to the museum

A passage to another parc


Resting in between stairs… Almost there…

Under the MNAC 

C’est magnifique, n’est-ce pas?

The collection in the MNAC is quiet large. We did not go through every single hall of the museum. We wandered from the renaissance, to baroque, to Modernisme. The art is great but the interior architecture of the museum is not to miss.

We spent so much time just walking around the neighborhood. I was amazed by how different the architecture styles are from block to block.  Though I can’t name most of the buildings that we passed by, many architectures on the streets are so beautiful, and the variety of styles are very interesting to look at for a first day-er in Barcelona.

AH… This one I can name.  Parc Joan Miró, famous for, of course, Miró’s sculpture ‘Dona i Ocell’ , completed just a year before he died in the age of 90.

Biblioteca Joan Miro

Biblioteca Joan Miro

Here comes the more exciting part. FOOD!!! We had one of the best meal in Barcelona since we came to lived in Europe! Tapas has ALWAYS been one of my favorite. I couldn’t wait to stuff myself with tapas every minute everyday. But I am only here to tell you the BEST ones so you can put them on your agenda when you travel to Barcelona!   The first must try is La Pepita, a small restaurant/bar that serves GLORIOUS food! This restaurant also probably has the best service EVER in the ENTIRE europe! I am not kidding!

Fresh Anchovies

Jamon iberico and sweet potato chip with a delicious pumpkin sauce

Grill Padron Peppers. You can find this dish in almost every tapas restro in Barcelona. They are so good and I absolutely adore! I am hoping to find them here in Paris so I can make some at home!

Goat cheek!!! mmmm….

Roasted vegetable pepita

Dessert – Pumpkin mush with fresh cow’s milk cheese from Catalonia.

Cheers everyone! Ah… just looking at these pictures again makes me hungry.  The restaurant was so packed the entire time from whence we arrived to we left! So be there early if you are in Barcelona! That is all for today – Chapter I of Barcelona! The BEST is yet to come!

  1. Jessica said:

    Cool photos, they were so much fun to look at!

    • Barcelona is SO GREAT! I hope you get to travel to spain soon!!

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