Barcelona II

How about some Gaudi ALREADY!! Barcelona is truly a Gaudi wonderland. The entire city is filled with the color of Gaudi, the form, the smell, none of your senses can escape from the Gaudi sensual in Barcelona. Well, that’s basically what we are here for right?  Sagrada Família is our very first Gaudi visit. Most people might already know some stories of this magnificent church. If not I have linked a wiki page for you above (just click Sagrada Família and it will bring you there). There are too many important and unbelievable facts about this church. I found it most fascinating of its over-100-years-construction, a design came up by a genius more than 130 years ago, and its STILL an on going project, which its estimating completion year is 2030.  How sweet is THAT?!? Alrighty, talk no more. Let’s see some pictures!

This is my first site of the Sagrada Família while lining up for tickets to enter. Intimidating huh.. You see scaffoldings in parts of the church because construction is taking place.

Sagrada Família Passion Façade

Sagrada Família Nativity façade

Then comes the interior… When I first walked in the Sagrada Família my breath was taken away. I have NEVER seen anything like it in my entire life! We were surrounded by gigantic mysterious mushroom plants and unusual looking sun flowers. It is an overwhelmingly beautiful scene sculpted by the master of creativity. It almost seem like heaven is designed by Gaudi.

Instead of detail drawings, Antonio Gaudi spent a lot of time and effort trying to make precise models for his design. The museum beneath the church has display large amount of models, varying in scale and material. Being able to peek in the model work shop in the Sagrada Família got to be my favorite part of the museum!


This is also a plaster model.

This is a model created to measure the weight of the arcs of the church by hang little sand bags on the net. When flip around, the contour should be exactly the same as the interior or the church.

That’s it for Gaudi of the day. For this chapter, I would like to present to you another exciting building, one that I am also here for aside from the Gaudi’s. It is the Barcelona Pavilion, or the German Pavilion, design by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.  It is interesting to see two different structures, almost complete contrary in style, can be so great in their own distinct characters.  Built for the international exposition in 1928, and known for its clean, precise and minimal design, Barcelona Pavilion is the most explicit and bold statement of modern architecture by Mies.

Side story – this picture was taken by a random man who approached me randomly and asked if I would like a picture of myself with my camera because I look like someone who really appreciates the building. How considerate! haha.

Ok food food food… This is a restaurant on Passeig de Graciaa very important street in barcelona that lined with oh-so-important buildings. We stopped by randomly for lunch one day. They serve mini bites and little sandwiches by piece, another tapa style! There are so many choices! Some are hot bites some are cold. Food is decent but I mostly enjoy the choices and style of restaurant! Coz I LOVE small bites!!

See you next chapter!

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    its very good and amazing architectur

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