Barcelona III

I already know this is gonna be my favorite post of Barcelona as I was picking out pictures for this entry. This time we are gonna see some more of amazing Gaudi’s and my favorite place to be in Barcelona! For architecture, I present to you two stunning apartment buildings, Casa Milà and Casa Batlló. Both of them are master pieces of Antonio Gaudi of course. For food, I am gonna take you to one of the most famous public market –Mercat de La Boqueria, one of the best place to be in Barcelona! Enjoy!


Casa Milà, also known as La Pedrera.

To the most fascinating roof terrace…

Casa Batllólocated only few blocks away from La Pedrera.

Beautiful isn’t it! Next I am gonna bring you to a colorful, delicious and FRESH paradise – Le Mercat De La Boqueria! We loved this place so much that we went there twice during our stay in Barcelona! Ready for your EYE BOOST?!

Jamón ibérico, it’s basically a type of cure ham mostly produced in Spain. I’ve never had this anywhere else. It is not easy to find outside of Spain and even if you find it, it will be sky price in a special import store or supermarket, and it’s probably not even the best stuff. Though buying it here is still pretty pricy! But we could not resist the look of it, so we bought a few slices, about 100g (minimum) to try. Turns out…It was heavenly!! So juicy and it almost feel like eating butter!! 16 Euros for a few slices… eeeekkks… BUT SO WORTH IT!

Then we came back another day for this restaurant that we’ve been longing to try, but it was SO packed when we were there the first time. This time we came back specifically for it. The restro is inside the mercat, called El Quim de la Boqueria. There’s only bar counter to sit on. And not very many seat, but they serve magical gourmet local food!!

Big Shiny Olives

Fried Padron Peppers

Sausage and beans

Braised Oxtail and Potatoes

Grilled Razer Clams – I haven’t had these for a long time. It had once been my favorite clams that I eat all the time in China when I was little. But I don’t see them very often in the states and had slowly forgotten about them.  So this time in Barcelona these juicy clams has pleasantly returned to me! SO YUMMY!

That’s all for the day. How about some bear faces! grrrrrr….

  1. shutzu said:

    OMGGGGGG look so much funnnnn 看你這些照片我根本不用親自去看那些建築. 但還是很想去吃吃喝喝

    • but the archi still worth to go. its different when you’re there.

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