Louis Vuitton Risotto

First of all, Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacob are in town. Musee de Arts Decoratifs  is hosting the show – Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs, featuring not only the history of Louis, but Marc Jacob’s great contributions to the success of Louis Vuitton today. I am not at all in fashion, but it is definitely a worth going show, even for somebody so fashion backward like me.

For the longest time, I thought L.V started making luggages. Apparently I was wrong, Louis started his business as a packer. Packaging luxurious items including garments and jewelries, and eventually his son took over the business after he die, and stepping into the fashion industry. This exhibition definitely tells a fascinating story of the brand from past to present. I am somebody who somewhat despite luxury fashion brands, for all sorts of reasons, one of them being I cannot afford them. But this exhibit brings me respect to the brand all over again. Not bad an advertisement after all.

A day of L.V. follows a night of risotto. Not bad. What’s better is that the risotto comes with bones, big chunky porc bones with melting marrows. Some people find me horrifying, but I love eating all kinds of bones, mostly for the marrows and that little white soft piece of bones that usually comes in joints ( I don’t know what its call). And fish back bones. J’adore! I could deconstruct the whole back bone of the fish just for that tiny little marrow in each pieces of the joints. Finally, I found these magical packs of bones in the fright of the super market one day when I was grocery shopping. My eyes shined and took two packs without thinking twice! So the europeans agrees with me after all. I shall no longer consider bone chucking as a chinese thing. Alex is in the kitchen, off we GO!

Just usual ingredients for risotto. Whatever simple you like in it really.

Lemon is for the white asparagus for our sides. Season, toss with olive oil, squeeze half of the lemon juice, send in oven for roasting.

Rinse bones, pat dry, throw in pan with medium heat olive oil.

Chop up onions and throw in pan, season.

Pre-wash arborio rice, add to pan when onions turn translucent.

Pour in a little bit of wine, wait till absorb.

Then little by little, stir in beef broth till rice is cooked all the way through.

Stir in tomatos, herb of your choice ( in our case tarragon ), and butter.

Don’t think of it as just ordinary bones. These porc bones gives so much richness to the risotto, and the marrow of course is beautiful. You could literally scoop out the marrows with a bone this size. Or you can simple, and handsomely pick up the bone and suck it as loud as you can, like what the Chinamen do, that’s how I like to eat it too.

Voilà. BONE appetite!


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