Crispy Arancini and Shinny Chopped Salad

Yey~ It’s my turn to cook! I’ve been dying to try out this recipe I saw on one of my favorite blog – Frugal Feeding – I love everything about the blog, the concept, the photos, the food, the recipes! Some recipes are very creative while sticking to the theme of “frugal feeding,” such as the one I tried today, the arancini!  I’ve linked his version of the arancini here for you. I’ve just altered it a little to suit our own likings and also on availability of ingredients. I’ve always considered myself a terrible recipe follower. That’s probably the reason why I never EVER OOVER DOOVER bake. For moi, baking c’est très très très difficile. It doesn’t only require one follow exact measurements of ingredients but also often follow strict orders or procedures while baking. The more effort I tried to follow, the worse the outcome it is. But this time I did well following most part of the recipe, while doing some comfortable alternations. It really isn’t complicated at all. That’s probably why I succeeded this time.

First start making the risotto by firing up some chopped bacon bits, onions, garlic and tarragon.

Season, then add a little bit of port mix water, simmer till absorb lightly.

Add aribico arborio rice

Add chicken stock little by little, occasionally flip and stir.

Till rice cooked through, let cool down, then stick in fridge for approx. 2 hrs.

Take risotto out of fridge, rolled rice in shapes of little balls. Then coat them over with flour, egg, and finally breadcrumbs (season breadcrumb lightly with salt pepper and dried oregano). Drizzle olive oil on top. Put in oven for 20 minute, or until golden.

Voila! Beautiful, crispy, and fun to eat little golden balls.

I think this is gonna be a good soccer night snack for the Alex when his buddies are over!

I also made a side chopped salad with homemade dressing. Thought it would go well with the warm creamy hearted balls.

Veggies of your choice

Chop and mix in bowl. Add can corn niblets. Don’t forget to soak your onions in water for some minutes before put in the salad so you don’t get that raw itchy feeling in your tongue when you eat them.

Sauce includes: finely chopped garlic and hot peppers (only if you like spicy), basil, dijon mustard, white wine vinaigrette, lemon juice, a little bit of salt, a lot of olive oil.  Fast and simple salad. Taste exceptional!

Fun dinner! Thanks again for Frugal Feeding‘s inspiration!


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