The Moment of Braise Porc Belly

Besides my incomprehensible passion for chicken wings, braise pork belly is the one other kind of meat that I go could go craze for. When I was told that we were gonna have braise pork belly for dinner, I was once again reminded that my life is beautiful. The braise pork belly, the juicy, tender, soft and sinful pork belly…


Everything in the pot

Cut 2 to 3 slits in potatoes. Half tomatoes. Cut carrots from stems, leave whole.

Rinse, pat dry, season

Brown both side of the meat


And brown the other side

Take the meat out of the pot, add beer, scratch off the brown pieces that stick at the bottom from the meat. Add onions. Bring to simmer.

Put meat back in pot and throw in all vegetables.

Add half chicken stock half beer, until it barely touches the top of the meat.

Let simmer.

Come back and add some more beer and stock every once in awhile as the liquid reduces.

Flip porc occasionally

Simmer slowly for 3 to 4 hours, or until pork become tender.

The porc is of course speechlessly good, but the carrots and potatoes are also a winner!  It’s just a pot of amazing right here!

As little as I am, I LOVE the fat part of the belly.  This is so satisfying and warm. We were not able to finish the pot for the night. So we kept it in the fridge until the next day for lunch. Added water to re simmer. It was EVEN better! Cheers, to the belly lovers!

By the way, our Eurail Passes are finally here! Which means we will be going to Amsterdam, Berlin and Prague very soon! But before all that, we are gonna go to London for a weekend. Don’t miss the updates!!

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