London Preview

Our weekend was spent in the beautiful gloomy London. Have I told you already that we are moving to London very very soon? The purpose of the trip is to have a quick preview on potential neighborhood for us to move in in August. It excites me just thinking about it. I did not take much pictures during the trip because there was a lot of walking around residential areas and going in to real estate agencies. I think we have pinned down on a few potential districts, and the next step is more research on property hunting.

The  trip was short but we did not waste the opportunity to find some good eats. The rumor about “no good food in London” is a joke. We came up with a short list of restaurant to try for the trip and most of them are worth mentioning.

Prufrock Coffee – It took us quite awhile to find this special “coffee shop.” It was basically a coffee stand/bar humbly occupied a corner of a tasteful fashion boutique called Present. Not until later I learned that this shy, quiet, and almost zen-ly person was Prufrock himself, the Sweden Barista Champion, who was making coffee for us. We ordered two espresso with milk. It was good and very smooth. If you happened to walk by Shoreditch High Street, and happen to crave for a swedish champion made coffee, you should definitely drop by.

The Breakfast Club – This cute little breakfast place is a pleasant surprise. We always love good, big, satisfying brunch, especially on holiday and weekends. The selections on the menu are very special, and food was very well and creatively made. I got essentially guacamole on toasts top with poached eggs, fresh chillies and crispy bacons. Alex had fried eggs with roasted vegetables and chorizo. Both plates are so delicious. OH and the smoothies are not to miss!  I think we have found one of our potential breakfast fave for our future home, London.

Albion – We stumbled upon this lovely cafe by accident. This is a very unique place, not only a restaurant/cafe, but also a bakery, and a food store. When you first come in the cafe, you will be greeted with baskets full of fresh and colorful produce for sale, following with a full counter top of pastries. Tables are set up behind the little “shop” that serves simple fresh good meals.  I highly recommend the roasted veggie salad if you LOVE vegetable like me, and a desert dish Rhubarb with Creme Anglais.

Public House – is a pretty interesting restaurant and bar. Worth mentioning for its daring interior deco and their excellent service. Food was decent, at least for the trout I order. Though Alex’s pork belly was a little over cooked, but their drinks make up for it.

Artesian Bar – It was probably not the BEST bar in london but we went, and we took pictures, so I decided to put it on the list. I am embarrassed to tell you that I don’t drink because I have the lowest alcoholic tolerance you can ever imagine. So my bar recommendations are not the best to follow. But this place has non alcoholic cocktails specially designed for people like me. I appreciate that. But this drink I ordered, called Summer In Paris, is a little exaggerating with its overloaded floral deco on top of the drink, and the fact that it’s non alcoholic, somehow makes it more embarrassing to me. But a drink my friend order, which has sorbet in it, but I don’t recalled the name, was actually pretty good and refreshing. And the fact that there was sorbet in her liquor made her very proud for the rest of the night. It was a nice conversable bar I would say.

Last but not least, this post is also written thank the sweetest friend of ours, Ms. Shih, who did not only let us crashed in but also been the best and the warmest host ever. May be I am a little emotional but I don’t meet people so nice like you often in my life, so I cannot help to thank you many times and touched by your kindness still even we already left London! We cannot wait to move to London and have many more days to hang out and explore with you!

Had much fun cooking with you gril!


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