Classic Steak and Blue Cheese

Let’s start cooking some sliced mushrooms and julienned onions. Season well.

Let cook slowly with low heat.

While mushrooms are cooking. Rub steak with salt and pepper. Heat up another pan, sear both sides of the steak. Make sure to hear “sssssszzzzzzzz”. Do not leave it in for too long!

Take out steak as soon as color turn nice and lightly brown with high heat, set aside. Let the heat carry over to cook thru a little bit.

Smash blue cheese on steak, let melt slowly. Meanwhile, use the same pan to toss up some veggie with juice and fat left from the meat.

When mushroom and onions are nice, brown and caramelized, slice butter to add creaminess.

Nice and cheesy…

Until next time.

    • I am glad that I made you think! hahha. I am actually the contrary. I love blue cheese and the stinkier the cheese the better!
      Interesting post on power of cheese btw. I cannot agree more!

      • thank for reading.
        I LOVE STINKY CHEESE, and so I really want to enjoy blue cheese because it often is so strong. But I had found some VERY stinky non-blue cheeses that I have written about on my site.

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