Skeletons and Ossobuco

Yesterday was my ultimate errand day. Uncountable numbers of phone calls and running around in my comfies doing particles things. Not the best day of my life. So I had to look through pictures of my other fun days to remind myself the adventurous world out there.

One gloomy morning in Paris, we decided to go to the Catacomb de Paris. After a torturous hour long line up, we finally got in this once abandon stone quarry, where remains of 6 millions people were piled. I’ve never seen a real skeleton once in my life, this time I saw 6 millions of them at once. Not bad.

After a long boring practical day yesterday, dinner has to be good and impractical. Something slow, gourmet style, s’il vous plait.  Ossobuco it is. Alex in the kitchen.

He said he wants to make it with a “twist.” So mushrooms and apples are on the list.

And nice big juicy veal Shank of course. Rinse, pat dry, season.

Sear veal, add a little red wine to get the bottom goodness out.

Take veal out of pan, set aside.

Jullien onion and leeks, throw in pan, let absorb wine/juice, cook slowly.

Throw in mushrooms when onions and leeks are caramelized.

Cook mushroom for approx. 15 min (add water or broth if start to burn), add apple (cut in thick strips), wine, and put veal on sauce.

Throw in tomatoes and tarragon.

Simmer slowly for at least an hour till everything breaks down. In this version of Ossobuco, arborio rice were added later in order to thicken the juice.

Ossobuco “Risotto” with Saute Endives.

The endives are super easy to make. While the ossobuco is simmering, wash, and cut endives in quarters. Toss with decent amount of olive oil, salt and pepper, and balsamic vinegar. When Ossobuco is almost ready. Heat up another pan, splash in some chopped garlic, throw in endives, toss for 5-7 minute, done! (note: i like them a little crunchy)

Hope you enjoy the combination of skeleton and Ossobuco.


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