Monumental Berlin

As usual, our primary mission to travel is to see the best architecture possible in the city.  Berlin did not let me down. It’s so different from the europe that I now live in. Say Paris and London, are nothing like Berlin. Building styles are all so new here, after all its basically rebuilt after world war. And you can see that the rebuilding is still going on everywhere in berlin. To me, Berlin is a city with young mind and energy, but it is without a doubt, a witness of history. I would like to share with you some magnificent architecture we’ve visited during the trip. There are still some other buildings that I really wanted to go see, but time or distance did not allow us to do so. However, I was stimulated in every senses with all these master pieces I saw on the trip. I hope they will impress you the same.

Brandenburg GateThis is probably by far one of the most famous/significant monuments in Berlin. A lot of people claim that in the evening is the best time to see this neoclassical triumphant arc when all the lights are lit up for the monument. But we went in the late afternoon and it was as beautiful. Pariser Platz which is the plaza that the gate stands on is gorgeous through out the day with people relaxing and street artists singing, dancing, playing music, and making balloons. It’s probably one of the musts for all tourists.


Holocaust Memorial, or The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. This is a breathtaking piece by the American architect Peter Eisenman. This is probably THE piece that I am here in Berlin for. The word breathtaking is not merely a description but my actual physical reaction to the monument. The first time I saw in in picture back when I was in school, I froze for a good while just looking at these cement blocks thinking how powerful they are. In fact I was impressed by it so much that later I did one of my semester final entirely base on this memorial.  Can you imagine how excited and grateful I am to be here to see it in person?

    I have attached a website below for you to do a virtual tour of the memorial by manipulating your mouse on the computer. But if you EVER have chance to go to Berlin, it is no question you should go experience in person.,24.38,62.0


Neue NationalgalerieWith this apparent style, you could probably tell already that it’s by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.


Berliner Philarmonique, by Hans Scharoun architect, located not far from the Neue Nationalgalerie, are both belong to the Kulturforum in Potsdamer Platz.


Exhibition Hall of the German Historical Musuem, by I.M Pei. It is his famous style of stone and glass. The form of the glass structure and main stone building is a beautiful contrast. We did not go into the exhibitions because we have other things on our agenda, but you can enter without charge to just experience the reception of the museum. It’s free to walk through the entire spiral glass structure!


Bauhaus Archive, by Walter Gropius. I have to say this is one of the best museum I have visited recently.  The architecture itself is obviously a stunner, and the collections inside is equally profound. It’s not a massive museum but it consist a precious collection of works from students as well as the professor at the time of Bauhaus School of Design. There is a very detail introduction on the history of Bauhaus. Along with art works and images, one would learn the life of Bauhaus and why it so influential even till today.  It is a little far from all the other sites and attractions in Berlin but this is a museum-must-go.


I hope you enjoy this architecture tour of the city of Berlin. Cheers.

  1. You certainly experienced some great sights in Berlin. I went to the Deutsches Historisches Museum last weekend and was equally impressed with the space.

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