Roasted Leg of Lamb

Enough of traveling news huh? May be sharing a dish I did recently to keep the gourmet style of the blog going on.

Braising and roasting are probably my favorite cooking method because its so easy and you don’t have to watch the the fire, or constantly flipping your meat while cooking. When I have plenty of time to cook and feeling lazy, why not roast – a leg of lamb may be!


Leg of Lamb, rinse, pat dry, season ( salt and pepper, your choice of herb )

Brown all sides with high heat

Remove from pan after browning. Throw in vegetables ( onions, carrots, and potatoes ) and season with salt and pepper. Let the vegetable cooked in the pan for awhile to absorb the fat and juice from the lamb. Add a little water, stock, or red wine if browning starts to stick to the pan.

Put the leg of lamb back in the pan, add tomato, wine, and stock. Continue to simmer.

Let simmer til veggie starts to soften, add more herb, parsley if you wish, and squeeze juice of a lemon in the soup. Cut up your squeezed lemon in half or quarters and throw in it with the soup. Turn up your over a little higher than normal, may be 170 C or 175 C. Continue to roast.

It took probably a little more then 2 hours to cooked. But you can judge the doness base on the size of the meat. It’s good when meat is falling apart from the bone.  Don’t let cook to dry so you have some juice for dipping your baguette!

Voila! Looking juicy! A very satisfying meal.

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  1. I probably would have been scarfing down the lamb after it was browned, but the rest looks absolutely delish!

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