Days with the Hollanders – Amsterdam

It seems like people choose to blindly believe that the Dutchers are crazy party animals, only because their grass are legal and they have naked babes standing in those transparent boxes in the red light district, but to me, seeing amsterdam finally in person, don’t think that they are as wild as what they were described.

Unlike Rotterdam, with all the skyscrapers and all, Amsterdam is almost like a big peaceful happy town.  We were really fortunate to get some sun the day we visited Amsterdam. The city of Amsterdam under the sunlight of a saturday morning seem festive. Public markets are set up in the open squares, orange flags are hung everywhere for the coming European Football Championship, bikes are flooded in the parkings and on the street. To me, Amsterdam was not really about the the giant or the little wooden shoes, the weed, the naked babes, or the live porn show, probably not even about Rambranhdt, Van Gogh or Anne Frank; It was about the canals, the bikes, the wild mills, the oranges, the stroop waffles, the dutch gummies, the nine little street, and of course the stunning old and new dutch architecture that could be witness every where in the city.

If you don’t know already that Amsterdam is made up of beautiful canals, you will be reminded for sure when you are in town. The water, the houses along the river, the boats, the triangular roof facade… It is everything you would expect to see from the town of Amsterdam. Exactly the same from the postcard pictures.

And their love of flowers of course!

One of the big plus of Amsterdam is even though it’s an obviously top tourist city, it doesn’t feel touristy at all. Unlike Prague, which we had a minor disappointment with, the design of the city of amsterdam is not oriented only toward the tourists. Anywhere you go, you feel and see the vibes of the locals, biking to the markets, chilling along the canals, reading newspaper in their house boat, its the best part of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam wasn’t a very big city since we’ve walked all day and pretty much walked through most of the neighborhoods. As you can see already it wasn’t hard to witness spectacular buildings everywhere just walking around town.

Het Scheepvaart Museum

ARCAM Architectuurcentrum Amsterdam

I guess we wandered in China Town…

And of course the wild side of Amsterdam…

One interesting observation of mine about Holland is that the people there are SO BIG but everything else is so small. The restaurants, cafes, houses, apartments, shops, and CARS. There are so many cool little cars parked around the city. How do they even fit in there?! One thing though, the toilets in holland are generally taller. In a few places we went, like the museums and restaurants, I could sit on the toilet and my legs with be hanging in the air, and I could kick them back and forth while I whistle on the toilet seat, not bad ey?

FOOD! Food in holland, well, at least the ones we went were generally pretty good. Except their olives… it seemed like you can’t get good olives anywhere even you go to really good restaurants. There is  one outstanding restaurant though that I would like to share. It was in the awesome neighborhood of Jordaan. This little restaurant, called Balthazars Keuken, like I mentioned before, was so little, but the food is amazing! They serve weekly 3 course menus for 30 euro per person. Appetizer and desert are set but a choice of main course from 2 options. The appetizer is the beast! You get five little dishes, all taste interesting and absolutely delicious. And their open kitchen is the coolest part of the restaurant (besides the food of course)!

Address: Elandsgracht 108-BG  1016 VA Amsterdam, Netherlands
Number: 020 420 2114

Last but not least, for Alex good ole friend, and now my dear friend too, who was not only so kind to let us stay in her adorable stylish dutch apartment!, but also brought us to the unique beautiful part of Rotterdam the last day of our visit. There, we could finally see a dutch wind mill right under neath it!! What’s more?? I got 3 stacks of stroop waffles wrapped in gift paper and tie with ribbons to take home as a present ( and I’ve already finished half of them in 3 days. haha) !! It was so nice to see all the beautiful people in Alex’s life and that I am so lucky to be able to know and grow close with them.


Good bye Holland, for now. Cheers.

  1. Sandra said:

    LOVE the Dutch blog posts!! Glad you enjoyed my homeland 🙂

  2. Great post! I have friends in England who were telling me about the beautiful architecture of Amsterdam – lovely photos 🙂

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