Chorizo and Egg

My stupid alarm clock made me missed school today. I know it’s not the best excuse and I am extremely guilty about it. It is so gloomy and rainy outside so I cannot use my fake day off to do something exciting outside of the house. So I decided to move on and think about food.

Breakfast in glass – soft boil egg with sauté chorizo and caramelized onion.

I had some left over raw chorizo sausages, so I popped the ground meat out of the sausage skin and sauté them. Use the chorizo fat to sauté chopped onions, until caramelized. While cooking the toppings, make your soft boiled eggs. Don’t over boil and make sure the yolk is still super runny. Peel shell after run thru boil eggs under cold water, top with chorizo and caramelized onions. Sprinkle parsley or herbs of your choice.


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