La Maison Roche – Le Corbusier

I visited this brilliant work of Corbusier awhile ago, but I didn’t have time to put it up. And its my day off wednesday today, I managed to organize my pictures folder and hence another post for beautiful architecture. But you have to excuse  me for such poor quality pictures because I was smart enough to forgot about taking my camera with me when visiting such gorgeous piece.

Raoul La Roche and Albert Jeanneret were the commissioners and owners of La Maison Roche. It was constructed in 1923. La Maison Roche sparks characters that vividly demonstrate Corbusiers “five point” composition, like the long horizontal windows, free open space, and roof garden. But the difference from his other works of the time is the over lapping additional space perpendicular to one and other, creating an L shape structure as a whole, instead of the simple regular volume, like Villa Savoy. The design of the curve face is also a different approach of the house from most of his signature pieces.


I have to say I really really like the interior space of La Maison Roche. Knowing Corbusier’s moto for his design as “machine for living,” this machine is a very attentive one. Compare to Villa Savoye, I think that Roche is less “harsh” in many aspects. I could see how the family was living and utilizing the space just walking around the house. Like most of his work, the interior of the space is simple and clean, with the maximum attention of details.

La Maison Roche is a house consisting two parts, the first with the curvature facade is a gallery where the owner display his art collections, and a library leading from the ramp of the gallery.


The second part of the house, the living area for the family, can be accessed through a bridge connecting from the library above the gallery space. one side of the bridge is a huge window facade and the other looks down to the 3 storey atrium.


The composition between spaces is very interesting throughout the house. Most public areas were interconnect in different ways with walk ways or views to other sections. It is like a modern magic box with peeks to different areas.

This is La Maison Roche by Le Corbusier.

Writing about other people’s home made me thought of my own. We had been property hunting in London for awhile for a place to rent. There was not much luck to find our perfect dream apartment until yesterday! In the pictures, it looked like it is everything we dreamed for. My dear friend went to the viewing for us just now and we are gonna hear some real feedbacks from her in 20 min! So far her comment about the place has been pretty AWESOME. I am excited. 🙂

Cheers, for beautiful homes!



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