Chinese Eggplant and Pork Stew

Ingredients going in to the pot: pork (with fat), eggplant, red bell pepper, garlic, green onions, and ginger.

Star anise and fennel seeds are the secret ingredients that makes it gourmet!

Marinade pork with a little bit of salt, corn oil (or any kind), soy sauce, a little bit of black pepper, and rice wine, or white wine if you don’t have rice wine.  I have mixed in pieces of beef because i just have to eat the left over meat. So you don’t have to worry about it if you don’t have left over beef bits in your fridge!

While meat is marinading, start chopping up your green onions, ginger, and garlic. Heat up pan with a little bit of corn oil and sauté them all together. We call this 起鍋 (hey wok) – meaning starting up the wok!

When the ingredients in the pans starting to change color (transparent) or soften, stir in star anise and fennel seeds. season with salt, and If you like spicy and have spicy oil, you could stir in some spicy oil in. I love spicy but I don’t have spicy oil, so I mixed some sriracha with oil and added into the stir fried.

When the smell of the aromatics oozing out all over your kitchens, add meat to the pan. Cooked for awhile until the meat starting to change color. If you are also cleaning up your beef bits, make sure to take the beef out and set them aside when they are about cooked because you don’t want them to be too over cooked and chewy.

Add red bell pepper.

Then finally eggplants. Add soy sauce, fish sauce, at little bit more salt, and spicy oil, or sriracha. Usually I would prefer chopped up fresh hop peppers, but I didn’t have any stock ups so hot sauce it is…

Add water or stock when it turns dry. Simmer slowly.

Cook until everything melts in the pot!  Add your beef bits ( if you started with them ) back in the pot and cook slowly till the sauce ticken.

Add green onions to top before serve.

Serve HOT, with rice!

  1. Very nice recipe … add more soy and you have a pretty classic 紅燒肉 (red-cooked pork).

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