We Will Be Back

It almost seems unreal to me, that now I am lying on my bed at home all the way in Vancouver, Canada, trying everything to fight my jet lag, while just what feels like minutes ago, I was holding my lover’s hand, strolling down those charming little streets in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, settling down in the Jardin luxembourg for a picnic, some reading, and cuddling…

  Let’s see…  It has only been 5 or 6 hours since I’ve arrived vancouver. I was exciting to see my family and eat amazing sushi again, but after all that is over and which took 2,3 hours, I am back on the Paris mode. I feel like my heart is still at Paris… That’s probably why I forgot my phone in the apt. in Paris, where I stay for the past 3 months. I subconsciously wanted Paris to keep a part of me… ??

Jardin Luxembourg – where we made our last memory in Paris… before we return again.

At Jardin Luxembourg, a public concert on the sunday afternoon. Free entrance! How lovable!

Paris Paris… Thank you for everything. It had been beautiful. We will be back.

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