Preparing the Ugly Delicacy – Sea Urchins

I just looked at the calendar and counted the date, it has only been 4 days since I came back to Vancouver?? It feels like Paris has been away from me for months!! There aren’t much super worth blogging events going on for the past couple of days in my hood, until today! We’ve got live sea urchins in the house!!

I suppose most people might know what a sea urchin is and how it looks like, but you might not be familiar on how to actually prepare that dangerous looking alien, and even how it taste like. I personally know a lot of people who don’t eat or don’t even ever plan to try sea urchins because their scary look and mostly its texture or the smell, but I also know a lot of other people, like myself, would die for a bed of freshly out of the shell sea urchins, a japanese delicacy.


You should probably know by now that preparing this creature is probably not the easiest thing to do. This is not my first time opening and cleaning a sea urchin, but I hasn’t master the skill of it. But it can be adventurous and if the quality of the urchins are good, it ALWAYS worth the labour.


Some people might be frighten of the spikes of the urchins and it looks like an impossible mission, but  cracking open the spiky ball really isn’t the hardest part. It could be quite simple (comparatively) if you have the right tools and determination. All you need to do is a pair of tongs and scissors. Hold down the urchins with your tongs and firstly cut out the beak (center round thing) from the shell.


After taken the beak off, use scissors to cut from center until it splits into two halves. All the gross water will ooz out from the shell. Try to pour out as much liquid as possible before you go on further to handle the rest.


I can promise you that this is not the most handsome thing to look at. The guts are literally disgusting. All those red/green/purple/orange/black/brown parts have to be removed. And those bright yellow lumps are – THE delicacy.


After removing from all the gross contacted parts, rinse under cold water, then put on top of 2 layers of paper towels to soak the excessive liquid of the urchin roes, ready to serve.


All you need is a light touch of japanese soy sauce and wasabi. There is no need to do any cooking or prepping asides from cleaning the urchin roes very throughly.  It is a good little monster, ugly but tasteful.



  1. I’ve had the roe in restaurants… and a sauce that was made from urchins. Never had the fresh ones to try. I’d really love to 🙂

  2. Oh my – I’m very impressed with your bravery at attempting this. Not sure I’m ready to try for myself yet, but very impressed! 🙂

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