Family Time in Maldives

I’ve been flipping through pictures recently and came across a delightful set of pictures from a family gathering trip last winter in Maldives. It was such a magical place, it really is hard to not love your life when you are there.   It was my first time to get on a water plane! It is the only transportation that gets you to the hotels on different islands in Maldives (well, for the closer islands boats are also possible to get to). I was so excited to get on the little plane and what made me even more excited was that the pilots were bare feet!! True island style, and I loved it!

From Above looking down, the islands look like fragile thin sheets, peacefully floating above water. ( These aren’t the best photo because they were taken with my iPhone)

I proudly introduce you my lovely family!

I miss times on the island.

By the way, I have officially started my wedding planning. Did I ever mentioned that I am getting married this July? We are having a small DIY wedding at home. Just like another family gathering. But I want to used as much recycled items as possible and eco friend is the key! If any of you have great blog, websites or ideas to share please do – as a little wedding favor for me! I am also doing lots of crafts myself for decorations. Throw me fun and rustic wedding ideas please!!

  1. What an amazing place this must be. Definitely on our list of places to see and photograph some day.
    For our Maui wedding we used Pineapple’s as the centerpieces, and then ate them all the next day. Not sure if pineapples would work, but perhaps something similar?

    • What an interesting idea! Edible center piece! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. samisarase said:

    very nice familys and great experiance , keep always

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