The weekend in Paris is quiet on the street yet busy in parks.  Most of the shops and markets are closed on Sunday. We intended to grab some cheese from one of the closed by fromage shop, but with no luck. So we decided to go to the Jardin du Luxembourg to join the crowd; just sit and hold hands, look at the clouds and the passer-bys, sound good?

Jardin du Luxembourg

You may sit on the grass now!

Jardin du Luxembourg “seating arrangements”

A sunday Fromagerie

A Sunday Street

We then went home after a half day of sitting around in the garden. On our way home we picked up a snack from the closing boulangerie around the corner.

Flan Nature et Cafe

After a lovely sweet snack in the afternoon, I’ve decided that I want Asian for dinner.  Since no shops are open, I can clean up my fridge some by using the existing. It should be quick and easy.

Glass noodle pre-cook. And the rest of the ingredients.

Jullien carrots and potatoes, chiffonade cabbage. Saute with salt, pepper and soy sauce.

Toss in noodles with spicy green pepper and thin shaved garlic pieces. Fish sauce and soy sauce …. NOW!

Toss WELL. Green onions in last. Toss toss toss… with a little bit of sesame oil.

Don’t forget your Siracha if you LOVE spicy!

ALMOST FORGOT: squeeze some lime in when serve!! So much better!

I am a intense vegetable eater. I don’t find the NEED to become a vegetarian, but I cannot live without some decent veggies for a day… OK may be I will live but I will be so cranky if I don’t have my greens  Sometimes I have urge for extra veggies, like tonight. So I made another quick sauté assorted vegetable dish.  I found some carrot, half zucchini, some cherry tomatoes and “baby lettuce” in the fridge.  (I don’t what their proper name is but they are significantly smaller than the lettuce I usually see in the states, and these baby lettuce are everywhere in paris. I love them so much.)

I just use whatever I found in the fridge, In this case some thin leeks, shallots,and garlic, nice and brown oui?

Carrots were first in the pan for awhile, with the garlic and shallot bits, then add in zucchini, and lastly the lettuces and cherry tomatoes. Fire was turned up to give it some WOK style for the lettuce and tomato, quickly splash in wine, season. SERVE IMMEDIATELY! I like my lettuces still crunchy but everything else, especially carrot, al dente.

Voila! That should be enough food for the evening.