This last post of Berlin is mainly to share with you some recommandations of mine. Berlin is really an amazing city and there are certainly things that I don’t want you to miss if any of you are happen to be traveling to Berlin anytime soon or in the future. It will be too selfish of me to keep it to myself for some of the most wonderful things I experienced in this magical city. So here you go:

1. The Alternative Tour of Berlin. This is a MUST. A large portion of my last post was dedictated to this tour. I saw and learned so much about Berlin just because of this tour. You may go back to my previous post “Alternative Berlin” for some picture previews if you are interested.

2. The Sunday Market in Mauer Park. One of my favorite thing about europe is the public market culture. I visit all of the markets if I know there is one reachable anywhere I go. The Mauer Park Sunday Market is probably the BEST one i’ve been to so far. It is not only a gigantic market, the variety of venders are as impressive. In the middle of the tightly packed venders, there are also beach bars with bouncy music and cooling drinks! This IS the Berliners’ way of rolling. This sunday market is definatly a party! On every sunday, not only markets are set up but also a kareoke in the middle of the park. Speakers and microphones are set up under beach umbrellas. Layers of crowds are watching the kareokes sitting on stairs. Everybody can go on the stage and perform your famous songs to the crowd. We’ve seen some pretty brave and amazing “singer” up there, of all age! Visit to the Mauer Park was definately one of the best day we had in Berlin.

Address: Gleimstraße 55  10437 Berlin, Germany

Area: Prenzlauer Berg

Mauer Park Kareoke

3. A Gourmet Journey at the 6th floor of KaDeWe. KaDeWa is probaly the biggest department store in mainland Europe (not including England). I was not so intrested in shopping in a department store, but I would never turn down a gourmet trip. On the 6th and 7th floor of KaDeWe, there is a glorious food court with some of the finest dishes you could ever find in a food court! It is nothing like food courts in your everyday shopping mall! May be if you’ve been to Harrots in London it’s a little similar to that, but to me KaDeWe was THE HEAVEN. Saussage, fois gras, dry goods, currywust, antipasti, hor d’ourves, gourmet beer, just about anything you can think of. It is not far of a walk away from the Bauhaus Archive, which is also one of my recommandation of Berlin. Get a snack or even lunch at the KaDeWe after your Bauhaus trip would simply make your day perfect in Berlin!

Address: Tauentzienstraße 21  10789 Berlin, Germany

Area: Between Wittenbergplatz and Breitscheidplatz

Currywust with sauerkraut

Antipasti Platter

4. Bauhaus Archive. This is probaly my favorite out of all the museums we visited through out the trip in Berlin. I’ve mentioned about it in my “Monumental Berlin” post, so I might not go into too much detail of it again. But the architecture, along with the amazing variety of collection in this archive worth every minute and penny to visit. Bauhaus is the official beginning of school/institutes of design. Most of the industiral design products took off from the time of Bauhaus. If this is your area of interests, the Bauhaus Archive will not let you down.

Address: Klingelhöferstraße 14  10785 Berlin, Germany

Note: Bring your student card for student discount!

The above four are what I would consider the MUSTS of berlin. I am going to mention some of the best restaurants/cafes we had in the trip. If you are close by those districts may be you might want to swing by.

5. Anna Blume. Food was gorgeous; price is suprisingly cheap! But really is the quality of the food makes the price seem so unbelievable. We went there for breakfast on our first day of arrival. We stay at a hostel in the center of Mitte so it was a nice walk to Anna Blume. Menu is all German (like most of the restaurants in Berlin) but all of the waiters speaks very good english. And just by pointing at other tables, there will be no problem getting youselve a beautiful petit dejeuner!

– Photo to be uploaded –

Address: Kollwitzstr. 83  10435 Berlin, Germany

English Info:

6. Baeckerei. A small cafe tucked in a corner of a quiet street. It is actually a cafe opened by the restaurant across the street called Alpenstock.  Breakfast was simple and delicious. Though there were only three different platers to choose from for savory side (mainly cheese and chacuterie platers), their pastry bar is fascinating.

Address: Gartenstraße 9  10115 Berlin, Germany

7. Hofbräu Berlin (beer garden). We LOVED this place! I was told that beer gardens are one of the most popular type of restos of the Germans. It is a HUGE restaurant set out with mostly communal tables. In the middle of the restaurant there is life band performance. Dance floor in front of the band was PACKED and ROARING for the entire night! Everybody in the restaurants were singing along and almost every table is dancing in or outside of the dance floor in between their courses! It makes me so happy just sitting there and watch because everybody there were enjoying themselves so much. I wished I knew what they were singing so I could laugh along! Food was not bad but nothing extraordinary, but everything was cheap and selection was wide. I was happy that they had non-alchoholic beer so I could actually join the party! I believed that there are beer gardens everywhere in Berlin. We went to this one because it was right next to our hostel. But it was bad after all!

Address: Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 30 10178 Berlin

My non alcoholic beer. It’s embarrassing but oh well.

8. PangeaPeople Hostel & Hotel.  I really want to mention about the hostel we stayed in for the trip. If you are looking for a budget accomandation on the road, P Hostel is not a bad choice. We’ve been travelling so much and trying to avoid going bankrupt with all the other upcoming trips and a wedding in the summer to plan, we’ve decideded that hostels are the best way to go. I am picky in the cleaness of places I stayed, and PP Hostel was definately one of the cleanest that I’ve ever been to. We stayed in a 6 bed mix dorm, but they also have private rooms with of course a high price. Everything is very clean, service is exellent, staffs are helpful, location is great (center of Mitte), room size is decent, price is very reasonable. Their breakfast buffet was not worth it though for a 5 euro per day. But do consider if this is the type of accomadation you are going for, its decent and most importantly very clean and friendly. NOTE: NOT FOR LUXURY TYPE.

Address:  Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 34, 10178 Berlin, Germany ( less than 5 min walk to AlexanderPlatz)

Booking: PangeaPeople Hostel & Hotel

After travelling around for almost a year now, Berlin is so far one of my fave after London. I could actually see myself moving here if we ended up not being able to afford to survive in London in the future.

Alors. Enough blabing of Berlin, we are acutally waiting for our train transfer in Koln continue on to Prague now. Stay tune for some Eastern European travel stories. Cheers.


It is the second day of the trip in Berlin made our entire rest of the trip better. Every perspective of my view to Berlin changed on this day, after we join the Alternative Tour of Berlin. If you are EVER planning on going to Berlin, please please PUHLEESE do not miss this tour. We are never the tour group type, but this tour is so different from your ordinary tour group experience. The Alternative Tour of Berlin shows you the different side of the city. The underground, sub culture of Berlin. There are some crazy things I saw along with truly amazing stories, which you will probably never find out walking by yourself in the city of Berlin. The tour is “FREE,” but which also means that you will tip whatever amount you think the tour would worth after its over. Most of the guides are artists themselves, and being a tour guide is not only the side job to make enough money to survive or realize there artistic pursue but also to spread Berlin sub culture to the rest of the world. This was truly one of our most exciting experience in Berlin, and where my true appreciation of the talented, creative, and daring mind of the Berliners begins.

A very big part of the tour is on the graffiti work/ street art of Berlin. Within the 3 hours tour we were running around the city with the guide to look for the best or most well known work of street art in Berlin. A brief background of different artists were introduced along with explanation on the technique that were use on a certain piece. Most of the graffiti you see on the street of Berlin is illegal. However, this is one of the fewer ones that were legal in the city.

Now, let’s see some illegal ones. On the side of this beautiful piece of architecture, formerly a hospital, now an art institute and exhibition space known as the Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, were some glorious art pieces done by famous artists in the graffiti world.

I was told that these two pieces were done by the same artist, whose works are often an animal alive on one side and dead the other. In this case, on the right side of the wall, is the skeleton of the the rabbit you side on the other side of the facade. However, it was believed that the skeleton piece was an unfinished piece because some parts or the drawing was a lot more detail and elaborated than the others. May be he had to run in the middle of the creation for not getting caught.

We were then brought to this very interesting preserved space Rosenthaler Straße, located in the middle of a some what gentrified district of Hackescher Markt. Designer shops and modern architectures are everywhere to be seen here, but in this little nook right next to a vintage looking cinema cafe, there is an entrance to the only untouched courtyard with loads of graffiti work. In this courtyard houses the strangest combinations of museums, including some of the famous members during WWII and the most bizarre robot-dancing-to-techno-music “museum.” I don’t even know if I should call it museum because it almost look like a robot lab to me. But yea, it was beyond shocking and bizarre. At the top of the building was a funky book store / art gallery.

This court yard is loaded with graffiti work on every inch of reachable walls from many different artists. Some are very famous ones but I can’t really name them because I never knew much about graffiti. But some of you might still recognize the style of the work seen in books or magazines.

Going up the stairs to the books store is as amazing. The entire stair well were layered by graffiti. I have never seen anteing like this anywhere in my life.  And apparently this is not that unusual in the Berlin. But to me is unbelievable!

This robot monster you see here in the picture is part of the techno-music-dancing-robots I mentioned previously. After the tour, we came back here on our own to visit the robot lab. The second image was the entrance to the robot lab right next to the frog-bat iron robot. We had NO IDEA what we were up for before going down those squeaky metal staircase. If you want some out of ordinary, extreme and bizarre berlin experience, this IS the place to go.

The last and the coolest places we were taken to was the TACHELES. If you don’t know what TACHELES is about, you should really google about it. This is a place too cool to not know about. I was incredible ashamed on myself for not knowing this building before the guide told me all the amazing stories about it. The TACHELES is basically a giant house for the artistic community, or an artist squad. This group of artists have live, work, play, eat in the TACHELES for many years, with no materialistic desire, their only pursuit of happiness is to create art work and sell, or share with the public. However, the TACHELES is recently going under a tremendous threat. The bank wants the building back and hope to auction it out for money. Apparently the first step is to that is to clear our the building.  The TACHELES group has been fighting against the securities and polices to insist their rights to stay. There are a lot more stories to this building. Do search about it if you are interested! You will not regret it. This is a site call “I support  TACHELES You might want to check it out.

Aside from the tour, we were able to seek for other alternative fun.  While looking for some buildings that I meant to visit around Potsdamer Platz, we were hit by this interesting open market right when we got out of the train station. A lot of vintage finds for market lovers!

One side of the markets were venders grilling sausage and pouring beer. This is where I got my first little taste of Currywurst.

A little outside of the crowd of the market were an installations of some remains of the Berlin wall. I don’t know if it was temporary or it has always been there, but it was interesting to see along with displays of info on the wall and its history.

At here you can also get all your visa stamps for 2.5 Euro from the original check point custom to before the Berlin wall was down.

Thank you for joining my alternative tour of Berlin! Hopes it inspired you!

As usual, our primary mission to travel is to see the best architecture possible in the city.  Berlin did not let me down. It’s so different from the europe that I now live in. Say Paris and London, are nothing like Berlin. Building styles are all so new here, after all its basically rebuilt after world war. And you can see that the rebuilding is still going on everywhere in berlin. To me, Berlin is a city with young mind and energy, but it is without a doubt, a witness of history. I would like to share with you some magnificent architecture we’ve visited during the trip. There are still some other buildings that I really wanted to go see, but time or distance did not allow us to do so. However, I was stimulated in every senses with all these master pieces I saw on the trip. I hope they will impress you the same.

Brandenburg GateThis is probably by far one of the most famous/significant monuments in Berlin. A lot of people claim that in the evening is the best time to see this neoclassical triumphant arc when all the lights are lit up for the monument. But we went in the late afternoon and it was as beautiful. Pariser Platz which is the plaza that the gate stands on is gorgeous through out the day with people relaxing and street artists singing, dancing, playing music, and making balloons. It’s probably one of the musts for all tourists.


Holocaust Memorial, or The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. This is a breathtaking piece by the American architect Peter Eisenman. This is probably THE piece that I am here in Berlin for. The word breathtaking is not merely a description but my actual physical reaction to the monument. The first time I saw in in picture back when I was in school, I froze for a good while just looking at these cement blocks thinking how powerful they are. In fact I was impressed by it so much that later I did one of my semester final entirely base on this memorial.  Can you imagine how excited and grateful I am to be here to see it in person?

    I have attached a website below for you to do a virtual tour of the memorial by manipulating your mouse on the computer. But if you EVER have chance to go to Berlin, it is no question you should go experience in person.,24.38,62.0


Neue NationalgalerieWith this apparent style, you could probably tell already that it’s by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.


Berliner Philarmonique, by Hans Scharoun architect, located not far from the Neue Nationalgalerie, are both belong to the Kulturforum in Potsdamer Platz.


Exhibition Hall of the German Historical Musuem, by I.M Pei. It is his famous style of stone and glass. The form of the glass structure and main stone building is a beautiful contrast. We did not go into the exhibitions because we have other things on our agenda, but you can enter without charge to just experience the reception of the museum. It’s free to walk through the entire spiral glass structure!


Bauhaus Archive, by Walter Gropius. I have to say this is one of the best museum I have visited recently.  The architecture itself is obviously a stunner, and the collections inside is equally profound. It’s not a massive museum but it consist a precious collection of works from students as well as the professor at the time of Bauhaus School of Design. There is a very detail introduction on the history of Bauhaus. Along with art works and images, one would learn the life of Bauhaus and why it so influential even till today.  It is a little far from all the other sites and attractions in Berlin but this is a museum-must-go.


I hope you enjoy this architecture tour of the city of Berlin. Cheers.