It is my favorite meal of the day, especially on weekend! Hence an entire posts for a breakfast feast!

Soft boil runny eggs in glass with honey smoke sausages, top with mayonnaise, chopped dill, celery leaves.

Spinach, tomatos, and red potatoes cheesy frittata.

Stuffed banana french toasts with fresh homemade strawberry jam.

Chorizo, spinach, tomato, potato, avocado, and comte cheese extravagance with simmering eggs.

Poached eggs with spicy sausage, onions, avocado and garden tomatoes.

Breakfast reality time…


My stupid alarm clock made me missed school today. I know it’s not the best excuse and I am extremely guilty about it. It is so gloomy and rainy outside so I cannot use my fake day off to do something exciting outside of the house. So I decided to move on and think about food.

Breakfast in glass – soft boil egg with sauté chorizo and caramelized onion.

I had some left over raw chorizo sausages, so I popped the ground meat out of the sausage skin and sauté them. Use the chorizo fat to sauté chopped onions, until caramelized. While cooking the toppings, make your soft boiled eggs. Don’t over boil and make sure the yolk is still super runny. Peel shell after run thru boil eggs under cold water, top with chorizo and caramelized onions. Sprinkle parsley or herbs of your choice.

Roasted vegetable for breakfast, well… or lunch, or dinner, is always favorite. For a veggie addict, what can be better that a whole plate of different kinds of roasted veggies placed right in front of you. Simple and delightful.

Pick your favorite or seasonal vegetable to roast! I have here eggplants, zucchini, yellow bell pepper, and green long pepper, and garlic, my MUST for roasted veggies! Seasoned everything with salt and pepper, then toss with good amount of olive oil, then balsamic vinaigrette. For garlic, I like to leave the skin on so it doesnt get all too smushie.  Roast for about an hour.


Meanwhile, cook up your bacon and eggs! Sear bacon first and used the bacon fat for fried egg.

Roasted vegetable with egg and bacon

It is SUCH a shitty day in Paris. I hate to say that, but it was. It has been very gloomy all day with endless rain… We conquered our fear of the tragic weather and decided to continue exploring Paris. But faith did not appreciate our effort at all, we did not only arrive at the museum being wet from top to toe, we were also being slap in the face with a mega crowd outside of the museum lining up for tickets. Apparently the Easter crowd is still in town. Oh and there’s more, Alex’s phone got stolen on our way to the museum. So we ended up abandoning the museum and headed home with shitty mood like the weather but worse.

Only beautiful food can bright up my day now. So may be some glorious images and hopefully they would bright up those who did not have a glorious day.

Breakfast – I know this is like what I have everyday, because egg and avocado is one of my favorite things for breakfast. So we usually just add different ingredients to change it some. But it will never go wrong with the avocado and egg combination!

Lightly saute tomato, chorizo, and avocado, cracked in eggs, then put in over

Bake till eggs turn a little firm (doneness to your liking)


How about a dinner dish. Fancy some ducks?

rinse, pat dry, season, sear for golden skin

julienne onions, shallots and beets, saute and caramelized, toss in duck

roasted brussels sprouts for sides

plate and serve!

Chef of the day, Bear Alex!! Thank you so much for a gorgeous meal. Every once in awhile I ask myself “what can be better than being your woman?”

Shitty weather does not stop us from having new pajama funs and trying to embarrass ourselves taking dumb pictures!