I’ve been flipping through pictures recently and came across a delightful set of pictures from a family gathering trip last winter in Maldives. It was such a magical place, it really is hard to not love your life when you are there.   It was my first time to get on a water plane! It is the only transportation that gets you to the hotels on different islands in Maldives (well, for the closer islands boats are also possible to get to). I was so excited to get on the little plane and what made me even more excited was that the pilots were bare feet!! True island style, and I loved it!

From Above looking down, the islands look like fragile thin sheets, peacefully floating above water. ( These aren’t the best photo because they were taken with my iPhone)

I proudly introduce you my lovely family!

I miss times on the island.

By the way, I have officially started my wedding planning. Did I ever mentioned that I am getting married this July? We are having a small DIY wedding at home. Just like another family gathering. But I want to used as much recycled items as possible and eco friend is the key! If any of you have great blog, websites or ideas to share please do – as a little wedding favor for me! I am also doing lots of crafts myself for decorations. Throw me fun and rustic wedding ideas please!!