Our long weekend trip to Prauge is soon ending. As I am writing, we are waiting in the Praha Holesovice station for our overnight train back to Paris. We left on a thursday night train, and it took us 18 travelling hours, including transfer and layover, to get here in Prauge in a bright and beautiful friday morning.

We were lucky enough to get in the bunk bed compartments this time. I would like to advice a quick travelling tip for other bear travellers out there; This is a sincere warning to all who travels in Europe; if you are planning to go on an overnight train ride somewhere, try to get a bed, really. It is a little more expensive then reclining seats, but its way worth it. Our last trip to Berlin was also an overnight train but the bed space were sold out, so we had to go with the reclinings. It was a DISASTER. The design of the compartment is absolutely ridiculous. Trying to squeez 6 people in a tiny glass cube is not the best solution for an overnight train ride. So get yourself a bed. We got the ones that are in the six bed compartment. It’s not the most luxurious but the cheapest and gives you a humane space to sleep, a BED.

Our adventure in Prauge begins right after we settled our luggages in the hostel. I was stupid enough not to bring my camera with me for the first day when we went to most of the important sites. But oh-well. I got the rest of the days covered.

Our traveling kit

The city of Prauge is picturesque. Everywhere you go, if you put a frame aroud, it it’s a painting. Wandering around the city, mainly the historically preserved zone (probably circled in green on your tourist map), its hard not to run into one of those lively public squares, intricately detail building facades, glorious clock tower, or monumental medival architectures. One of those always pop up just about every other corner you turn.

But once awhile you would encounter with some rare modern architecture poping out in a line of traditional buildings. Mr. Gehry, what a pleasant surprise to run into you in such old charming city of Prague.

We’ve crossed the river many times during our stay and we decided to get on a peddle boat for a little while in the afternoon and get a good view of the city on water.

We saw the ugly duckling!!

There are plenty of museums in Prague. Some small, such as the Museume of Torture, Museum of Wax we went, which I don’t really recommend; some prestige, like the Museum Nationale, which unfortunally was closed for construction during our visit. But in the museum hall there are mini classical music concert being held every other night. It was not an extremely formal concert. Seats were set up on the grand staircase of the entrace hall of the museum. We went to the one of Vivaldi, Mozart, Bach, and Dvorak by the Prague Instrumental Soloists group. It was professional and worth it only for the view of the interior of the museum.

And finally there were musuems that were bold and modern, such as the Artbanka of AMoYA Museum of Young Art and the DOX/Centre for Contemporary Art. The later which I highly recommend is a farely new museum, but the exhibition space was very interesting.

Restaurants and Recommendations! It is always my favorite part of writing about restaurants because I can go back to my yummy pictures and re-experience my deliecious moments.

Cafe Savoy, serve some exepctiaonal czech inspired cuisine, lured us to visit twice, once for breakfast and the other dinner.

Address:  Vítězná 124/5  150 00 Prague 5-Malá Strana, Czech Republic


Algerian Coffee

Parissien Breakfast

Omelete Savoy


Sear Tuna with Beets

Beef Tartar

Strawberry Czech Dumpling (dessert)

Cafe Imperial, it is a cafe/restaurant located in the Imperial Hotel. We only went for breakfast, which was cheap for the kind of atmosphere. The entire interior of the cafe were covered with some very delicate tileworks. It looks like they serve fine meal for lunch and dinner too, but we didn’t have the chance to experience it.

Address: Prague Imperial Hotel  Na Poříčí 15, 110 00 Prague 1  Czech Republic

Sir Toby’s Hostel. Again, for budget travellers, this one is highly recommended. The atmosphere of the hostel is great with unique deco. We reserved a double private chambre (toilet shared with one other room) this time for a decent price. The room was decorated very simply and with vintage touches. A very cozy lounge located at the basement where they serve drinks and food, and you can also just relax and chill if you want to. A Huge kitchen is open for everybody to use provided with some basic ingredients such as salt and pepper and other seasonsings. A cute backyard where they host parties and free barbuecue in different days of the weeks. Staffs are very helpful, nice, and CUTE! Most importantly, it is very clean through out the entire hostel. Though price is adjusted by seasons, I think the quality of this hostel is WAY beyond a low cost hotel probably in any season. I always think that “better no design than wrong design.” Some cheap hotels or vacation rentals just make you MAD for the kind of interior they put up, trying to put as much crap as possible try looking “luxury,” “modern” or other hotel like discriptions. Quality hostel can really surprise you sometimes with their friendness and unique design.

It was a pleasant journey in Prauge after all. However it is a little off from what both of us were imagining before we saw the city. Aparently we both have very different images of Prague in our head before the visits, but we both touched on the point where we imagined Prauge to be old and untouched everywhere. It was beautiful but it wasn’t as “untouched” as I imagined it would be. We would often see people re-painting building facades and sometimes adding on details. Of cause most of the major historical sites were kept as original as possible, but I cannot help going around wondering how clean and new a lot of the seem to be historical looking building facades were kept. I cannot really tell whether its a good thing or bad thing the way people going around “keeping the building nice and clean,” but I personally would like to see the unpainted version of the buildings, because after all, this is what we are here for, the originality of culture and architecture. The sad part of it is Prauge IS slowly turning very touristy. Like in the old town square, though architectures were beautiful, it is obvious that restaraunts and cafes are mainly doing tourism business, so they don’t care about their food quality. To me it’s almost impossible to find a good restuarant that does not serve tourist food in the square. Shops are almost all souvenir style and none really represent the local culture of Prauge. Within the entire historical district of Prauge, you can easitly witness that everything is tourist oriented. I really hope that the original charm of Prauge will not be lost within all this bullshit tourism cosumer culture. Otherwise it will just be terribly sad and once again proving this idiotic human “ability” to distroy something exceptional that we had once built.



This last post of Berlin is mainly to share with you some recommandations of mine. Berlin is really an amazing city and there are certainly things that I don’t want you to miss if any of you are happen to be traveling to Berlin anytime soon or in the future. It will be too selfish of me to keep it to myself for some of the most wonderful things I experienced in this magical city. So here you go:

1. The Alternative Tour of Berlin. This is a MUST. A large portion of my last post was dedictated to this tour. I saw and learned so much about Berlin just because of this tour. You may go back to my previous post “Alternative Berlin” for some picture previews if you are interested.

2. The Sunday Market in Mauer Park. One of my favorite thing about europe is the public market culture. I visit all of the markets if I know there is one reachable anywhere I go. The Mauer Park Sunday Market is probably the BEST one i’ve been to so far. It is not only a gigantic market, the variety of venders are as impressive. In the middle of the tightly packed venders, there are also beach bars with bouncy music and cooling drinks! This IS the Berliners’ way of rolling. This sunday market is definatly a party! On every sunday, not only markets are set up but also a kareoke in the middle of the park. Speakers and microphones are set up under beach umbrellas. Layers of crowds are watching the kareokes sitting on stairs. Everybody can go on the stage and perform your famous songs to the crowd. We’ve seen some pretty brave and amazing “singer” up there, of all age! Visit to the Mauer Park was definately one of the best day we had in Berlin.

Address: Gleimstraße 55  10437 Berlin, Germany

Area: Prenzlauer Berg

Mauer Park Kareoke

3. A Gourmet Journey at the 6th floor of KaDeWe. KaDeWa is probaly the biggest department store in mainland Europe (not including England). I was not so intrested in shopping in a department store, but I would never turn down a gourmet trip. On the 6th and 7th floor of KaDeWe, there is a glorious food court with some of the finest dishes you could ever find in a food court! It is nothing like food courts in your everyday shopping mall! May be if you’ve been to Harrots in London it’s a little similar to that, but to me KaDeWe was THE HEAVEN. Saussage, fois gras, dry goods, currywust, antipasti, hor d’ourves, gourmet beer, just about anything you can think of. It is not far of a walk away from the Bauhaus Archive, which is also one of my recommandation of Berlin. Get a snack or even lunch at the KaDeWe after your Bauhaus trip would simply make your day perfect in Berlin!

Address: Tauentzienstraße 21  10789 Berlin, Germany

Area: Between Wittenbergplatz and Breitscheidplatz

Currywust with sauerkraut

Antipasti Platter

4. Bauhaus Archive. This is probaly my favorite out of all the museums we visited through out the trip in Berlin. I’ve mentioned about it in my “Monumental Berlin” post, so I might not go into too much detail of it again. But the architecture, along with the amazing variety of collection in this archive worth every minute and penny to visit. Bauhaus is the official beginning of school/institutes of design. Most of the industiral design products took off from the time of Bauhaus. If this is your area of interests, the Bauhaus Archive will not let you down.

Address: Klingelhöferstraße 14  10785 Berlin, Germany

Note: Bring your student card for student discount!

The above four are what I would consider the MUSTS of berlin. I am going to mention some of the best restaurants/cafes we had in the trip. If you are close by those districts may be you might want to swing by.

5. Anna Blume. Food was gorgeous; price is suprisingly cheap! But really is the quality of the food makes the price seem so unbelievable. We went there for breakfast on our first day of arrival. We stay at a hostel in the center of Mitte so it was a nice walk to Anna Blume. Menu is all German (like most of the restaurants in Berlin) but all of the waiters speaks very good english. And just by pointing at other tables, there will be no problem getting youselve a beautiful petit dejeuner!

– Photo to be uploaded –

Address: Kollwitzstr. 83  10435 Berlin, Germany

English Info:

6. Baeckerei. A small cafe tucked in a corner of a quiet street. It is actually a cafe opened by the restaurant across the street called Alpenstock.  Breakfast was simple and delicious. Though there were only three different platers to choose from for savory side (mainly cheese and chacuterie platers), their pastry bar is fascinating.

Address: Gartenstraße 9  10115 Berlin, Germany

7. Hofbräu Berlin (beer garden). We LOVED this place! I was told that beer gardens are one of the most popular type of restos of the Germans. It is a HUGE restaurant set out with mostly communal tables. In the middle of the restaurant there is life band performance. Dance floor in front of the band was PACKED and ROARING for the entire night! Everybody in the restaurants were singing along and almost every table is dancing in or outside of the dance floor in between their courses! It makes me so happy just sitting there and watch because everybody there were enjoying themselves so much. I wished I knew what they were singing so I could laugh along! Food was not bad but nothing extraordinary, but everything was cheap and selection was wide. I was happy that they had non-alchoholic beer so I could actually join the party! I believed that there are beer gardens everywhere in Berlin. We went to this one because it was right next to our hostel. But it was bad after all!

Address: Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 30 10178 Berlin

My non alcoholic beer. It’s embarrassing but oh well.

8. PangeaPeople Hostel & Hotel.  I really want to mention about the hostel we stayed in for the trip. If you are looking for a budget accomandation on the road, P Hostel is not a bad choice. We’ve been travelling so much and trying to avoid going bankrupt with all the other upcoming trips and a wedding in the summer to plan, we’ve decideded that hostels are the best way to go. I am picky in the cleaness of places I stayed, and PP Hostel was definately one of the cleanest that I’ve ever been to. We stayed in a 6 bed mix dorm, but they also have private rooms with of course a high price. Everything is very clean, service is exellent, staffs are helpful, location is great (center of Mitte), room size is decent, price is very reasonable. Their breakfast buffet was not worth it though for a 5 euro per day. But do consider if this is the type of accomadation you are going for, its decent and most importantly very clean and friendly. NOTE: NOT FOR LUXURY TYPE.

Address:  Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 34, 10178 Berlin, Germany ( less than 5 min walk to AlexanderPlatz)

Booking: PangeaPeople Hostel & Hotel

After travelling around for almost a year now, Berlin is so far one of my fave after London. I could actually see myself moving here if we ended up not being able to afford to survive in London in the future.

Alors. Enough blabing of Berlin, we are acutally waiting for our train transfer in Koln continue on to Prague now. Stay tune for some Eastern European travel stories. Cheers.

Our weekend was spent in the beautiful gloomy London. Have I told you already that we are moving to London very very soon? The purpose of the trip is to have a quick preview on potential neighborhood for us to move in in August. It excites me just thinking about it. I did not take much pictures during the trip because there was a lot of walking around residential areas and going in to real estate agencies. I think we have pinned down on a few potential districts, and the next step is more research on property hunting.

The  trip was short but we did not waste the opportunity to find some good eats. The rumor about “no good food in London” is a joke. We came up with a short list of restaurant to try for the trip and most of them are worth mentioning.

Prufrock Coffee – It took us quite awhile to find this special “coffee shop.” It was basically a coffee stand/bar humbly occupied a corner of a tasteful fashion boutique called Present. Not until later I learned that this shy, quiet, and almost zen-ly person was Prufrock himself, the Sweden Barista Champion, who was making coffee for us. We ordered two espresso with milk. It was good and very smooth. If you happened to walk by Shoreditch High Street, and happen to crave for a swedish champion made coffee, you should definitely drop by.

The Breakfast Club – This cute little breakfast place is a pleasant surprise. We always love good, big, satisfying brunch, especially on holiday and weekends. The selections on the menu are very special, and food was very well and creatively made. I got essentially guacamole on toasts top with poached eggs, fresh chillies and crispy bacons. Alex had fried eggs with roasted vegetables and chorizo. Both plates are so delicious. OH and the smoothies are not to miss!  I think we have found one of our potential breakfast fave for our future home, London.

Albion – We stumbled upon this lovely cafe by accident. This is a very unique place, not only a restaurant/cafe, but also a bakery, and a food store. When you first come in the cafe, you will be greeted with baskets full of fresh and colorful produce for sale, following with a full counter top of pastries. Tables are set up behind the little “shop” that serves simple fresh good meals.  I highly recommend the roasted veggie salad if you LOVE vegetable like me, and a desert dish Rhubarb with Creme Anglais.

Public House – is a pretty interesting restaurant and bar. Worth mentioning for its daring interior deco and their excellent service. Food was decent, at least for the trout I order. Though Alex’s pork belly was a little over cooked, but their drinks make up for it.

Artesian Bar – It was probably not the BEST bar in london but we went, and we took pictures, so I decided to put it on the list. I am embarrassed to tell you that I don’t drink because I have the lowest alcoholic tolerance you can ever imagine. So my bar recommendations are not the best to follow. But this place has non alcoholic cocktails specially designed for people like me. I appreciate that. But this drink I ordered, called Summer In Paris, is a little exaggerating with its overloaded floral deco on top of the drink, and the fact that it’s non alcoholic, somehow makes it more embarrassing to me. But a drink my friend order, which has sorbet in it, but I don’t recalled the name, was actually pretty good and refreshing. And the fact that there was sorbet in her liquor made her very proud for the rest of the night. It was a nice conversable bar I would say.

Last but not least, this post is also written thank the sweetest friend of ours, Ms. Shih, who did not only let us crashed in but also been the best and the warmest host ever. May be I am a little emotional but I don’t meet people so nice like you often in my life, so I cannot help to thank you many times and touched by your kindness still even we already left London! We cannot wait to move to London and have many more days to hang out and explore with you!

Had much fun cooking with you gril!

OOLALA… The ultimate flea market – Les Puces de Saint-Ouen, one of the largest, and most famous flea markets in the world. There are numerous of markets a long the Rue de Rosier. In each markets, there are stores of almost anything you can think of, from antique furniture, vintage clothing, quirky utensils, to used buttons. Anything you wish to find.  We are finally here!! One of the places that I wanted to visit the most in Paris!! It was OH SO SO GREAT! But the price tag really isn’t as cheap as you would think. You could probably find some pretty legit antiques here. I heard that even Bill Gates shop here for his furniture at home. Price tags are high but you can always negotiate with the shop owner. Always negotiate!! With good bargaining skill, you could often find good deals on your purchase. We were there for 5 hours today, and I can be there longer if they weren’t closing!   We’ve already bought some stuff for our apartment in London which will not exist until the end of August! But yes we already found stuff for it! I can’t wait to come back again.

At the end of the trip we visited a very interesting cafe restaurant – Chez Louisette tuck in an alley of Market Vernaison. The food is decent with the most anime atmosphere! Live performance none stop!

Chez Louisette

For one of the days like this one, your spent a long great day outside and you came home with a happy exhaustions, you might still wanna eat well but something can be make fast and easy. May be something like um…. pasta…? with eggplants? with some good imperator carrots? Yes. Pasta with sauté eggplants and whole imperator carrots!

Cut of carrots from leaves, rinse, pat dried. Throw in pan when olive oil with shallot reach medium heat.

Cook for a minute or two until shallot change color, season, add beer to simmer.

Cut eggplants to strips, season.

Saute in separate pan with garlic and olive oil. Cook pasta ready.

We also rolled up some Speck as side.

Cook carrot till beer reduce to a thick sauce. Toss pasta with eggplant. Place carrots and pour sauce on top. Side Speck. Simple health delicious.

Last but not least, I want to share one more wonderful thing with you. It is  one of the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in Paris, happened yesterday. Feeling disastrous being wet and gloomy by the stupid rain, we rushed in the subway station, panicking to search for train tickets  while drying our hair and body. All of a sudden, I heard Canon playing somewhere in the space. We turned the corned and a mini orchestra was performing right in front of us! An orchestra?!? In the middle of a subway station??! Playing Canon??! In the middle of a rainy day???!! WHO WHEN WHAT WHERE HOW could anybody come up with such amazing, romantic, and beautiful idea, to have an orchestra play pieces after pieces of impressive musique classique, here underground in the metro station!?! Only the Parisians!! We stood there and listened through the entire performance, totally forgotten about fixing my flatten hair and soaked sweater.

How could one possibly not fall in love with Paris.

I already know this is gonna be my favorite post of Barcelona as I was picking out pictures for this entry. This time we are gonna see some more of amazing Gaudi’s and my favorite place to be in Barcelona! For architecture, I present to you two stunning apartment buildings, Casa Milà and Casa Batlló. Both of them are master pieces of Antonio Gaudi of course. For food, I am gonna take you to one of the most famous public market –Mercat de La Boqueria, one of the best place to be in Barcelona! Enjoy!


Casa Milà, also known as La Pedrera.

To the most fascinating roof terrace…

Casa Batllólocated only few blocks away from La Pedrera.

Beautiful isn’t it! Next I am gonna bring you to a colorful, delicious and FRESH paradise – Le Mercat De La Boqueria! We loved this place so much that we went there twice during our stay in Barcelona! Ready for your EYE BOOST?!

Jamón ibérico, it’s basically a type of cure ham mostly produced in Spain. I’ve never had this anywhere else. It is not easy to find outside of Spain and even if you find it, it will be sky price in a special import store or supermarket, and it’s probably not even the best stuff. Though buying it here is still pretty pricy! But we could not resist the look of it, so we bought a few slices, about 100g (minimum) to try. Turns out…It was heavenly!! So juicy and it almost feel like eating butter!! 16 Euros for a few slices… eeeekkks… BUT SO WORTH IT!

Then we came back another day for this restaurant that we’ve been longing to try, but it was SO packed when we were there the first time. This time we came back specifically for it. The restro is inside the mercat, called El Quim de la Boqueria. There’s only bar counter to sit on. And not very many seat, but they serve magical gourmet local food!!

Big Shiny Olives

Fried Padron Peppers

Sausage and beans

Braised Oxtail and Potatoes

Grilled Razer Clams – I haven’t had these for a long time. It had once been my favorite clams that I eat all the time in China when I was little. But I don’t see them very often in the states and had slowly forgotten about them.  So this time in Barcelona these juicy clams has pleasantly returned to me! SO YUMMY!

That’s all for the day. How about some bear faces! grrrrrr….

How about some Gaudi ALREADY!! Barcelona is truly a Gaudi wonderland. The entire city is filled with the color of Gaudi, the form, the smell, none of your senses can escape from the Gaudi sensual in Barcelona. Well, that’s basically what we are here for right?  Sagrada Família is our very first Gaudi visit. Most people might already know some stories of this magnificent church. If not I have linked a wiki page for you above (just click Sagrada Família and it will bring you there). There are too many important and unbelievable facts about this church. I found it most fascinating of its over-100-years-construction, a design came up by a genius more than 130 years ago, and its STILL an on going project, which its estimating completion year is 2030.  How sweet is THAT?!? Alrighty, talk no more. Let’s see some pictures!

This is my first site of the Sagrada Família while lining up for tickets to enter. Intimidating huh.. You see scaffoldings in parts of the church because construction is taking place.

Sagrada Família Passion Façade

Sagrada Família Nativity façade

Then comes the interior… When I first walked in the Sagrada Família my breath was taken away. I have NEVER seen anything like it in my entire life! We were surrounded by gigantic mysterious mushroom plants and unusual looking sun flowers. It is an overwhelmingly beautiful scene sculpted by the master of creativity. It almost seem like heaven is designed by Gaudi.

Instead of detail drawings, Antonio Gaudi spent a lot of time and effort trying to make precise models for his design. The museum beneath the church has display large amount of models, varying in scale and material. Being able to peek in the model work shop in the Sagrada Família got to be my favorite part of the museum!


This is also a plaster model.

This is a model created to measure the weight of the arcs of the church by hang little sand bags on the net. When flip around, the contour should be exactly the same as the interior or the church.

That’s it for Gaudi of the day. For this chapter, I would like to present to you another exciting building, one that I am also here for aside from the Gaudi’s. It is the Barcelona Pavilion, or the German Pavilion, design by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.  It is interesting to see two different structures, almost complete contrary in style, can be so great in their own distinct characters.  Built for the international exposition in 1928, and known for its clean, precise and minimal design, Barcelona Pavilion is the most explicit and bold statement of modern architecture by Mies.

Side story – this picture was taken by a random man who approached me randomly and asked if I would like a picture of myself with my camera because I look like someone who really appreciates the building. How considerate! haha.

Ok food food food… This is a restaurant on Passeig de Graciaa very important street in barcelona that lined with oh-so-important buildings. We stopped by randomly for lunch one day. They serve mini bites and little sandwiches by piece, another tapa style! There are so many choices! Some are hot bites some are cold. Food is decent but I mostly enjoy the choices and style of restaurant! Coz I LOVE small bites!!

See you next chapter!

The reason for my absence being our 10 day trip in Barcelona. Barcelona is a magnificent city with mind blowing architecture, great food and amazing people. Although Rome is still my favorite place to travel to, Barcelona definitely has its unusual charm. The first 8 days has been another eye opening experience for me, and the last 2 days I got so sick and laid in bed most of the time. But it was still worth it, definitely. There are too many good things to show, one post will not be enough, so I will post a few chapters for Barcelona. Let’s start the journey!

We arrived very early in the morning flying in from Paris. After checking in we still have a whole day to spend. Although we were tired from waking up at 4:00 in the morning to catch the plane, we were too excited to rest. We live close to the Plaça d’Espanya, one of the popular sites in Barcelona. So why not start from here.  

Arena de Barcelona used to be an arena for sport events, but now renovated as a shopping mall. The most part of the exterior was kept from the existing structure, whereas the interior were entirely striped down and renovated.

Arena de Barcelona Entrance

Plaça d’Espanya. View from above the arena.

Muceo Nacional  d’Art de Catalyna

Walking up the top to the museum

A passage to another parc


Resting in between stairs… Almost there…

Under the MNAC 

C’est magnifique, n’est-ce pas?

The collection in the MNAC is quiet large. We did not go through every single hall of the museum. We wandered from the renaissance, to baroque, to Modernisme. The art is great but the interior architecture of the museum is not to miss.

We spent so much time just walking around the neighborhood. I was amazed by how different the architecture styles are from block to block.  Though I can’t name most of the buildings that we passed by, many architectures on the streets are so beautiful, and the variety of styles are very interesting to look at for a first day-er in Barcelona.

AH… This one I can name.  Parc Joan Miró, famous for, of course, Miró’s sculpture ‘Dona i Ocell’ , completed just a year before he died in the age of 90.

Biblioteca Joan Miro

Biblioteca Joan Miro

Here comes the more exciting part. FOOD!!! We had one of the best meal in Barcelona since we came to lived in Europe! Tapas has ALWAYS been one of my favorite. I couldn’t wait to stuff myself with tapas every minute everyday. But I am only here to tell you the BEST ones so you can put them on your agenda when you travel to Barcelona!   The first must try is La Pepita, a small restaurant/bar that serves GLORIOUS food! This restaurant also probably has the best service EVER in the ENTIRE europe! I am not kidding!

Fresh Anchovies

Jamon iberico and sweet potato chip with a delicious pumpkin sauce

Grill Padron Peppers. You can find this dish in almost every tapas restro in Barcelona. They are so good and I absolutely adore! I am hoping to find them here in Paris so I can make some at home!

Goat cheek!!! mmmm….

Roasted vegetable pepita

Dessert – Pumpkin mush with fresh cow’s milk cheese from Catalonia.

Cheers everyone! Ah… just looking at these pictures again makes me hungry.  The restaurant was so packed the entire time from whence we arrived to we left! So be there early if you are in Barcelona! That is all for today – Chapter I of Barcelona! The BEST is yet to come!